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Short Bio

Sean Hully is multi-instrumentalist with a diverse background of performance, recording, and education. 

Perfecting his craft with over three decades of passionate engagement with a variety of musical genres, Sean has performed with Carnival Cruise Lines and numerous tribute bands across North America. He has led his own bands too, including The Sean Hully Jazz Group. An accomplished songwriter and composer, he has three degrees in music studies and has written a variety of original music. 

Sean's album "Interaction" was released in 2002 and uses common rock instrumentation. Since 2015, Sean has developed a unique style with the discreet use of a loop pedal to incorporate flute, saxophone, percussive effects, and guitar leads. The nylon string  guitar has become the bedrock of his style because it blends nicely with the folk, pop, classical, and jazz traditions.


Long Bio

Sean Hully was called to music at a young age, and has journeyed through the realms of choral music, rock and roll, folk, classical, R&B, Latin and jazz. He is seeks to fuse all of his skills into one form, and now incorporates guitar and woodwinds into a solo show with the help of looping technology.  

Sean’s undergraduate music degree was at Queen’s University in Kingston. He studied classical saxophone and later received a special Licentiate of Music Diploma. He moved to Toronto for jazz at Humber College, and after finishing, he was immediately hired by Carnival Cruise Lines  as a Show Band Musician in the tenor saxophone chair.  

After a year at sea, Sean returned to Toronto where he recorded his one official album to date, Interaction. He joined a tribute band to Billy Joel, and with them, did short tours across the U.S. and Canada as their saxophonist. 

In 2007, Sean received a Master’s Degree in composition. His thesis was essentially his second album that was scored and recorded, but never released. This “album” was the seed of the transition to his current musical approach.  

In 2009, Sean returned to his native Peterborough and opened Bird House Music to give music lessons on guitar and woodwind instruments. During that time, he founded the Sean Hully Jazz Group, which was a rehearsal band. The SHJD rehearsed each week, played a show at The Garnet once a month, and recorded a short EP. 

In 2015, Sean began working with a Boomerang 3 phrase sampler to develop a solo act that could fuse his skills into one entity.  His repertoire has organically become unique. He is now adding original material to his “one-man-band” concept.

Live Looping